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What is TIELUG?
TIELUG is The Inland Empire LEGO® User Group.  We are an RLUG – a RECOGNIZED LEGO® User Group,
which means that we have been officially recognized by The LEGO Group.

What is a LEGO® User Group?
We are a group of Adult Fans of LEGO®, in BrickSpeak, we are called AFOLS.

What does TIELUG do?
We meet once a month, to exchange ideas about building, discuss what is happening in the brick building,
community, show our latest MOCS, (My Own Creations), and play LEGO® games.  You will find more
information on our “ About Us” page.

We also attend local events and conventions where we display our MOCS for the public.  We answer questions
and sometimes teach classes about building with bricks, our MOCS, and other brick-related topics.  You can
learn more about our activities on our “Events” page where we show our latest displays.

Lincoln Shrine Open House 2017   BricksLA Convention 2016

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